'Nita's commitment of service in the legal community began decades ago in Bay County, Florida, when a client of a local firm said to her, “I want you working with my attorneys on my cases” and so it began. At that time she couldn’t have imagined that her journey would engage such legal giants as Robert Montgomery, Lake Lytal, Sr., Lake Lytal, Jr., Joseph Reiter, Gerald Rosenthal, Robert Gordon, Adam Doner, Lance P. Richard, and the like. Although the dominance of her career was hands-on client interaction, she has also been a political advocate in law changing lobbying, appointments of Bar Presidents, governors, legislators, judges, etc. in the political arena. 

As an administrator and paralegal, the day-to-day practices and procedures created for herself and her firm came to impede firms countywide. During her tenure, her longstanding relationships within the community include, but are not limited to, insurance adjusters, physicians, experts, and the thousands of clients she's had the pleasure of teaming with have proven to be invaluable. She has served on boards and held leadership roles (elected and appointed) as an administrator and a paralegal under the governing guidelines of The Florida Bar in multiple counties. 

She has been extraordinarily blessed to fulfill a childhood dream; she couldn’t imagine herself anywhere else other than the “GOT LANCE” team where we serve each and every day.