Purpose Built

Without hesitation, I recommend attorney Lance Richard. Lance's honest, forthright approach, candor, and realism make him the best choice for your counsel. Lance crushed a personal injury lawsuit where the other attorney badgered, belittled, and attempted to intimidate me. I completely trust and endorse attorney Lance Richard without reservation and encourage you to consider my testimony as a heartfelt and unsolicited honor to an amazing attorney.

-Randy B.

Best of the Best

Lance Richard is an extremely fantastic attorney. Best of the best! Lance has a big heart and is willing to do anything he can do for his clients. He loves his clients and will always give them the best. Lance has represented me in many cases and never once failed me. I was surprised with the tricks Lance pulled out of his sleeve. He is a very professional attorney that will never disappoint his clients. If you are fighting a case, then my best word of advice is call Lance Richard and get a free consultation. He will not let you down! Thank you for everything, Lance!!!


Retain No Other

I recommend no other attorney than Lance P. Richard. (I have had to retain a few in the past.) Upon my initial consultation with Mr. Richard, I knew I had found the right person to represent me. Lance possesses integrity, knowledge, respect, honesty, heart, passion, faith and commitment rarely found in legal realms. Lance and his staff work with a synergism that produces the best possible outcome, and in my case, a miracle. I cannot fully express the extent of my gratitude and appreciation for the privilege of having Mr. Richard represent me. I can say, hand on heart, Lance P. Richard is a gift to my life and family.


I would never consider using any other attorney

Lance Richard showed professionalism and compassion when I needed it most. He stepped up for me and had my back 100%. He believed in me when I was unsure. He has shown me how to come out on top and stronger than ever. I would never consider using any other attorney now that I have worked with the best.

-Alexandra K.

one of the best attorneys in the state

Lance Richard is one of the best attorneys in the state. He has been our family attorney for years and has handled a number of issues with competence, compassion and most importantly, success. He's not afraid to take on the big guys and is a master in the courtroom. His knowledge of all aspects of the law is amazing. With Mr. Richard, you are not a number, but a human being who deserves top notch representation. He's a tireless fighter who can be trusted with your most complex issues. Everyone should have a Lance Richard in their life.

-Christine C.

Hire him

Lance is amazing. He recovered tons of money for our family. He's an awesome attorney and a wonderful man! Hire him!

-Maria G.

The Best Lawyer on the Treasure Coast

The guy is my hero. Never once did he play the big shot or better than. He went to court for me at least a dozen times and obtained the best outcomes possible. I would highly recommend Lance to anyone who needs a no bullsh*t lawyer and needs the straight truth with no La-Te-Da.


the most thorough, kind and compassionate attorney

Lance is without a doubt the most thorough, kind and compassionate attorney I have ever dealt with! I wish every attorney was like him. I VERY highly recommend him!

-Josh H.

A Rare Find

Lance has represented my family and myself. His knowledge of the justice system was surpassed only by his passion for justice and his compassion for my family. Lance is not only an amazing attorney, he is a good man. A pleasure to find during a confusing and trying time. Thank you, Lance, for all that you do for others.

-Rick B.

Thanks, Lance! Great job!

After bad experiences with two other attorneys, we were fortunate enough to find Lance. He gave us very good advice and handled our case to a successful conclusion. Thank you, Lance.

-Bill and Laura

You Owe It to Yourself to Talk to Lance Richard

I believe that people are put in your life for a reason, and this is a fact. You owe it to yourself to talk to Lance. He will fight for you like you are family. He knows the law and has confidence, knowledge and the guts to fight for you. If you value your freedom, go talk to Lance. This man gets results. I promise you that he will work for you just like he did for me. I will never get in trouble again, but if I did, I would want Lance in my corner. Do it for yourself and see what I mean. He is one in a million and that's a fact.


Excellence in Service

I didn't know what to expect when meeting a lawyer for the first time, but Lance made the whole process bearable, and I felt I was in good hands from the start of our first introduction. He got me the best result, and I am truly grateful for him.

-Anonymous Client

Diamond in the Rough

From a professional standpoint and having referred many friends to Mr. Richard, I can tell you that you will not go wrong by hiring Lance to navigate the waters of your legal affairs. Not only is he an exceptional attorney, but quite an exceptional human being, as well. He is diligent, straight-forward and never lacking in legal strategy. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

-Anonymous Client

We are indebted to him

Our family had the unfortunate need of an attorney. It was recommended that we talk to Lance Richard. We did not have much hope with our family member's case. It was on the news and didn't look good. Mr. Richard gave us hope. He and his staff were always there to answer questions. Our case turned out better than we could ever have hoped for, and it is all thanks to a dedicated attorney. We hope we never need him again, but if we do, he will be the one we go back to. We are indebted to him!

-Anthony D.

The Best Lawyer on the Treasure Coast and South Florida

Mr. Richard is very reliable and knowledgeable. He helped me to understand the whole process. I highly recommend Mr. Richard for any legal situation because he has integrity, and he also genuinely cares about his clients. Mr. Richard is a dedicated attorney!


This man clearly knows his way around legal matters

Mr. Richard helped me with a personal injury case and was a big help to me and my better interests. Any time I called his office, I was put right through to him. This man clearly knows his way around legal matters. I always recommend, and will continue to recommend, him to anyone I know or happen to run into that has a need for legal services.

-Edward A.


I highly recommend Lance if you need an attorney who is deeply knowledgeable in the law, who takes a strategic perspective on your case, and gives you a candidly balanced opinion about the risks and potential rewards of using an attorney in the first place. It's rare to run into an attorney who won't take your money if he doesn't believe you have a fair chance of winning. Very, very uncharacteristic!


a man of character and integrity

Mr. Richard is a man of character and integrity. He truly loves what he does and is always willing to go the extra mile for those he represents. He has demonstrated amazing resolve and exemplifies what it means to be a fighter. He is an experienced lawyer and makes his experience available at a fair price. Mr. Richard maintains an exceptional working relationship with the judges and other lawyers. This makes him the right choice for anyone in need of legal representation.

-Dennis R.

Lance exceeded my expectations

This is the first time I have worked with Lance, and I was very impressed with his responsiveness and professionalism. As an attorney myself, I expect a certain level of service, and Lance exceeded my expectations. Thank you again for all of your help!

-Anonymous Client

Lance Richard Has Always Done a Great Job for Me

Lance Richard has helped me several times over the past five years in different capacities. If I ever get in trouble, Lance will be the first person I call. I would trust him to handle any issue, no matter how serious or delicate. I find him to be honest, humble, and extremely intelligent. When I see stories of his successes as a defense attorney on the news, I am proud to be his client. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family without hesitation.


working hard for me over the past three years

Lance has been working hard for me over the past three years. Very understanding and easy to work with. I've used his services for three different matters and received not only a great outcome but peace of mind.