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5 Stars

I can't say enough about Lance!

I was seriously injured by a drunk driver. I wasn't sure what to do so I contacted another lawyer who recommended I speak to Lance's law firm. I had heard great things about Lance from other friends who he represented. Everyone in his office is really great and they fought really hard to get me a great settlement. Money that will change my life. I can't say enough about Lance, his staff, and how hard they fought to compensate me for my injuries. After this experience I would never hire anyone else and I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone looking for a great lawyer!

Ariella Ela

5 Stars

Absolutely awesome attorney.

Not much experience with lawyers but Lance recently represented my father in a case and words can’t express how happy and grateful we are! Lance is a humble, hard working and absolutely awesome attorney who is in it for his clients and his staff is wonderful. I am blessed to know him and would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Lance was recommended to us by family member who was also very pleased a few years ago.

Amelia Deluna

5 Stars

Lance won’t quit till you get the results that you want.

Great lawyer! Lance has helped me and my family a couple times, always with great results. Lance won’t quit till you get the results that you want. His team is very reliable and informative. If you need a lawyer he is definitely the one to call for any court related issue.

Donnie Sievers

5 Stars

Compassionate and dedicated 100%!

Mr. Richard and his team are kind, compassionate and dedicated 100% of their efforts to our case. He provided comfort in a time of great vulnerability and distress for my family and kept us informed every step of the way. We highly recommend Mr. Richard's firm.

Melissa Messina

5 Stars

The right man for the job!

An unexpected felony arrest came after the passing of my partner of 22 years, so choosing the perfect attorney to represent me in this criminal case was of the utmost importance. Attorney Lance Richard was the right man for the job! Right from the start he was professional, courteous and explained everything in a manner that was easy to understand. His caring and compassionate nature helped me to keep my spirits and my head held high during the lengthy & trying process (thanks COVID). Lance and his staff are exceptional at what they do, especially when the final verdict was “Case Dismissed.”

Laura Beckett

5 Stars

Treated us like we were family.

Great office. Great team. Great guy. Lance and his team were able to help our family get a positive closure on our case. They were very professional and treated us like we were family. They were also very informative and kept us up to date on everything. Our family highly recommends lance and his office full of professionals.

Mike Marquez

5 Stars

The outcome was better than anyone anticipated.

Lance was retained to represent my son. The outcome was better than anyone anticipated it to be. The care and concern he showed both my son and myself in this matter will never be forgotten. Thank You Lance.

Michael Boland

5 Stars

Amazing legal service.

I couldn't be more happy with the outcome of both my cases. Lance didn't only provide amazing legal service, but he built a good relationship between my family and him. He genuinely cares for his clients and puts in the extra effort to do his best for everyone. With his help, he significantly changed the way these cases could've turned out for me. If I know anybody or I'm ever in need of legal services, I will definitely be back to Lance's office.

Caylin Henriksen

5 Stars

He fought to give me the best possible outcome.

Mr. Lance Richard was so great to me and my family during my court case. Being that I live down in the keys he made it so I didn't have to travel back and forth unless completely necessary which was very efficient he is also cost efficient and didn't try to take my money. He fought to give me the best possible outcome for me and my future as well as for my case. I thank him so very much and recommend him to any one who needs a very good lawyer for a great price.

Tabitha Alonso

5 Stars

He stepped up for me and had my back 100%

Lance Richard showed professionalism and compassion when I needed it most. He stepped up for me and had my back 100%. He believed in me when I was unsure. He has shown me how to come out on top and stronger than ever. I would never consider using any other Attorney now that I have worked with the best.

Alexandra Kogan

5 Stars

He takes every case personally and fights for you as if you were family

Although everyone hopes they do not need an attorney, I unfortunately did have that need. Mr. Richard was highly recommended to me and after a few other interviews, it was clear that Mr. Richard the right choice for me. Mr. Richard and his staff take the time to know you as a person and understands that whatever circumstances brought you to him, although typically not pleasant, you will absolutely know that Mr. Richard is your advocate and he takes every case personally and fights for you as if you were family. My personal case ended more favorably than I could have hoped for. I simply can't say enough positive things for Mr. Richard and his staff. They truly were my guardian angels. Thank you...Thank you!

Kerrin Jesson

5 Stars

He is the best!

Lance is the best attorney I've ever met I've used several different attorneys in the past from traveling to other states and by far I've had the best results with lance Richard I was charged with 3rd degree murder and DUI manslaughter I had a lot of evidence against me to get me convicted i was scared to death but lance was confident at taking my case to trial they offered me 10 yrs I almost took it but lance was confident to win at trial and we went to a trial lasted 5 days and he worked so hard at finding loop holes and he ended up beating my cases in trial the a few years later I was facing a DWLS habitual and the state was asking for prison time lance ended up getting me probation i am at home with my family instead of being in prison thnx to lance also my wife and brother got into a minor car accident he was able to get my brother a doctor which helped him tremendously and also got him a large amount of money lance turned out to be my great friend and I highly recommend him he is the best.

Darrell Hanlon

5 Stars

Vast knowledge of the law!

Lance has helped me with several issues over the past few years; I found him to be extremely professional and to have a vast knowledge of the law. His manner in person set me at ease discussing uncomfortable topics, and I was able to be open and honest with him. I would not hesitate to go to him again with any problem, and probably would not even consider another attorney unless he advised me to go elsewhere. His reputation is excellent, and he has successfully tried a number of high profile cases. Lance has my complete faith and trust, I would recommend him to anyone.

David Keith

5 Stars

You will not be disappointed.

Lance and his staff are very professional. They will answer all of your questions and will be there for you every step of the way. Lance is very honest and he will do all he can to get you the best possible outcome for your accident case. I would use him again if needed and I would highly recommend him. I appreciate everything Lance and Nita did for me when the odds were stacked against me. "Get Lance", you will not be disappointed!! I'm so happy I did!!!

Laurie Puccio

5 Stars

Intuitive and sound when speaking with the judge.

What a guy. Lance P. Richard is a friendly down to earth man who is humble and in it for you. I recently had a incident come up and required legal aid, the case as you can guess was not very typical and it wasn't something that I alone was going to be able to take on myself. I called Lance and we talked for a while and at first he said wow what a interesting situation. Of course he was happy to take the case. The probability of winning was not high but Lance had total confidence my case was solid and he got to work. The day came and man was he ready. I went in knowing everything and he prepared me, he was intuitive and sound when speaking with the judge and speaking on my behalf just what needed to be heard. Lance is amazing and I can't thank him enough for taking my case and helping me get through this hurdle. I highly recommend Lance P. Richard to anyone who is in need of a skilled lawyer for personal injury or had a bad car accident!! My outcome was very positive and Thank you again so much Lance.

Joe Conrad

5 Stars

There was never a time Lance or Colleen didn’t call me back.

I must say that my experiences with lawyers have been awful. But in the case with lance I have a whole new attitude. This man and his team really care about people. He went above and beyond with everything in my personal injury case. And didn't stop there. Even helping me with a case that wasn't even his problem. Taking time to make sure I was taken care of on more then one occasion. His attitude is truly helping people get what they deserve. I cannot express how much I appreciate what you did for me Lance. And Colleen your assistant is the best. There was never a time Lance or Colleen didn't call me back. You and your team are great communicators. My case settled with no issues. Thanks for fighting for me.

Karen Blessing

5 Stars

A man of character and integrity

Mr. Richard is a man of character and integrity. He truly loves what he does and is always willing to go the extra mile for those he represents. He has demonstrated amazing resolve and exemplifies what it means to be a fighter. He is an experienced lawyer and makes his experience available at a fair price. Mr. Richard maintains an exceptional working relationship with the prosecutors, judges and other lawyers. This makes him the right choice for anyone in need of legal representation.

Dennis Root

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