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How To Handle Getting Arrested For A DUI

Did you know that every day there are almost 300,000 instances of drunk driving, yet only 4,000 perpetrators get arrested? For those who do get arrested, the road ahead is rough. The United States has very strict laws on operating a vehicle while intoxicated, often resulting in jail time. If you are facing a potential DUI conviction, there are a few things you need to know.

When To Call A DUI Lawyer If you get arrested on the charge of driving under the influence, you need to call your attorney. This could prove pivotal in getting you a fair and decent defense.

How to get arrested The following aren’t tips on ways to get yourself arrested, rather it is a set of instructions on how to behave during the arrest process. Your behavior while being arrested could influence your case in big ways. In order to give yourself the best opportunity at avoiding a DUI conviction, follow these steps.

  1. Be polite to the officer when they pull you over. That said, do not volunteer any information they don’t ask for explicitly. If you are asked to take a breathalyzer test and you have had something to drink, even if you are not intoxicated in your personal opinion, do not accept. This can only serve to incriminate you in court.

  2. Do not resist, or do anything that would indicate you are attempting to resist arrest. This is a separate charge and could compound your problems down the line.

  3. If you are read your rights and placed under arrest, say nothing. Anything you say will only hurt your case. Wait for a DUI attorney to speak for you. The only thing you should tell an arresting officer is that you are requesting your lawyer.

No matter what you do, the most important thing to remember is that your DUI or criminal attorney is there to defend you. The more you tell your attorney about the case, the better they will be able to help you. If you need a defense attorney, don’t hesitate to call today.

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