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Stuart Burglary Lawyer

Under Florida Statute Section 810.02, , a burglary occurs when someone enters a dwelling, structure, or conveyance that is owned by or in the possession of another with the intent to commit a crime within the dwelling, structure, or conveyance.

Burglary is a felony and is a very serious charge that could involve mandatory imprisonment if you are convicted. Florida’s sentencing guidelines and criminal punishment code assess a high point value to burglary charges, which may require a court to sentence you to mandatory incarceration in state prison. You need an experienced criminal lawyer who understands the seriousness of these charges and knows how to defend them.

Contact Lance P. Richard, P.A. for advice on your burglary charge.

There are several levels of burglary crimes in Florida. Burglary can be a first-, second-, or third-degree felony, depending on the facts involved in your case. If in the course of committing a burglary, a person assaulted or battered someone or was armed with a gun, the burglary may be considered a first-degree felony, punishable by life in prison. If you commit burglary of a dwelling (usually a house or building), the burglary is a second-degree felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. Burglary of a conveyance, which is usually a vehicle or boat, or burglary of a structure, such as a garage or shed, may be considered a third-degree felony punishable by up to five years in prison

Get an Experienced Burglary Defense Attorney

We are experienced in handling many types of burglary-related cases, including:

  • Armed burglary
  • Burglary with a battery
  • Burglary of a dwelling
  • Burglary of a structure
  • Burglary of a conveyance
  • Carjacking
  • Possession of burglary tools
  • Trespass upon land
  • Trespass upon a structure
  • Trespass upon a dwelling

Burglary is a specific intent crime in Florida. This means that law enforcement and the prosecutor may have to prove there was an “intent” to commit an offense upon entering the dwelling, structure, or conveyance. You need a Stuart burglary/robbery lawyer who is experienced with specific intent crimes and is knowledgeable of the defenses that are available for burglary-related charges.

Contact Lance P. Richard, P.A. if you or a loved one was arrested or is under investigation for burglary.

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